Clinical Trial Budget Management

Meet your financial objectives, drive operational efficiency and collaborate real-time with all study stakeholders.


Clinical Trial Budget Management

Cloudbyz Clinical Trial Budget Management (CTBM) is a centralized automated budgeting solution that helps organizations gain visibility and insight into the financial health of their clinical trials. The solution enables control of all aspects of a study budget with a high level of efficiency. It enhances decision-making, maximizes resource utilization and increases operational efficiency.

Budget management is based on activity based planning with the ability to define budget templates and supports study specific or site specific budgets. Define costs as per protocol based events/ assessments and procedures to calculate unit costs and aggregate to study or site level costs.

Product Features

Study Budget

Define budgets at the study level and country level based on multiple scenarios. Add details such currency, item fees, overhead, holdback and subject visit assessments. Set up multiple budget versions per study with the ability to archive inactive budget versions.

Site Budget

Set up multiple budget versions per site. Manage and track advance payments to sites, partial payments, unscheduled and invoiceable items payments and holdback payments. Set up different payment frequency per site such as monthly, quarterly, etc. Set up a budget approval process and workflows from within the system.

Budget Templates

Generate study and site level budget templates for re-use across multiple projects. Create standard rate cards for assessments and apply to study budgets.


Set-up budget approval workflows and process for internal as well as site level approvals.Budget management team can collaborate with sites in real-time to share draft and final budgets. Provide your sites the visibility to subject visit payment statuses.

Reports & Dashboards

Robust reports and dashboards with metrics on budget tracking, accruals, forecast, variance and more. Complete oversight and control on all aspects of your study budget for timely and accurate decision making.


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