Safety & Pharmacovigilance

lmprove patient safety, optimize global compliance, and make better decisions faster.


Safety & Pharmacovigilance

Cloudbyz Safety and Pharmacovigilance (PV) software is cloud-based solution built natively on Salesforce platform. It offers 360 degree view across R&D and commercial. It also enables pharma, bio-tech and medical devices companies to make faster and better safety decisions. It also helps to optimize global pharmacovigilance compliance along with easy to integrate risk management feature.

Our pharmacovigilance software solution easily integrates the required data over a centralized cloud-based platform for advanced analytics set-up along with data integrity. It empower the end-user with proactive pharmacovigilance, smart features with data-backed predictability, scalability and cost-effective support.

Product Features

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Analytics & Reporting

Facilitates creation of striking, vibrant reports for C-suite executives and end-users to understand insights regarding daily pharmacovigilance operations with bundled reports.

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Case Management

Cloudbyz pharmacovigilance software solution enables resilient processes. It ensures scalability and end-to-end global case processing and safety process, E2B intake and submission, periodic reporting, etc.

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Adverse Event Management

The adverse event managment ensures collaborative and detailed adverse events reporting with PSUR, PADER, ASR, DSUR, etc. This help in faster routine pharmacovigilance submissions with better accuracy.

Patient Management
Regulatory Reports
Service Cloud Extension
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Event Analysis

Event Analysis functionality enables generation and review of narrative case description. Supports additional data entry for generating the MedWatch 3500A and BfArM pharmacovigilance reports.

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Product Management

This functionality can improve pharmacovigilance (PV) by recording and managing details regarding products and dosage regimens while building associations for pharmacovigilance data accuracy.

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Medwatch Information

Cloudbyz pharmacovigilance platform enables easy additional information entry in the MedWatch 3500A report. This is used with case and adverse event details to generate regulatory and MedWatch reports.

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Cloudbyz pharmacovigilance software solution offers salesforce built, cloud-based safety and PV solutions for clinical trials. These pharmacovigilance software solutions enables CRO, sponsors and sites to adhere to international, national and regional regulatory framework of clinical trials.