Cloudbyz Sustainability Programs


At Cloudbyz, driving positive social and environmental impact is core to who we are as a company. We bring our values to life with all our stakeholders, stockholders, customers, and employees. We hope to better the communities where we live, through taking care of the environment. We are striving to create a better world through the following:

We are committed to creating a sustainable, low-carbon future by delivering a carbon neutral cloud, operating as a net-zero greenhouse gas emissions company.

We plan to drive equality in four key areas:


Equal rights


Equal pay


Equal education


Equal opportunity

We adopted our 1-1-1 integrated philanthropy model, which leverages one percent of a company’s equity, employee time and product to help improve communities around the world. ( )


Our flex workspace approach recognizes that we enable employee success, operate our business, and provide for our customers while working more sustainably from anywhere. While remote working is only one factor in decreased emissions during the pandemic, we have seen a glimpse into the potential climate benefits it could offer, with an estimating that global CO2 emissions decreased by 8.8% in the first half of 2020, compared with the same period in 2019.

Cloudbyz is committed to operating its business in a way that supports an environmentally sustainable future. This is part of our ongoing commitment to our employees, customers, partners, shareholders, and the communities in which we live and work.


Compliance & Regulations

At Cloudbyz, we view compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations as a minimum standard of performance for our global operations. But we’re not satisfied with the bare minimum. We are committed to ongoing improvement, setting performance goals, and implementing best practices in support of global sustainability objectives.


Employee Engagement

Through their daily actions, our employees around the globe can significantly influence our environmental performance. We commit to engaging our employees in environmental sustainability initiatives including ;raising awareness of how they can support our goals while limiting their individual impacts on the environment and harnessing their ideas and energy on how to build a more sustainable world.


Education for the Underprivileged

We work to close equity and achievement gaps and prepare underprivileged students for the future of work and innovation. Focusing on K–12 students, we create and fund engaging, hands-on experiences that build problem-solving, design thinking, and digital skills, giving underserved students a window into possible future careers.



We are committed to positively impacting our communities and influencing those we partner with to create a better world. Our impact and influence is realized through philanthropy from Cloudbyz. We engage with global nonprofit partners to prepare students for the future with STEM education, addressing essential needs and inequities in the community and working to mitigate climate change.


Community: Working in solidarity with communities, we partner with organizations whose efforts combat food insecurity and hunger, support inclusion and social justice, and use technology to create and scale solutions that improve quality of life for individuals and society.


Environment: To mitigate climate change and its effects on people and the planet, we aim to support nonprofits that help protect ecosystems, facilitate the transition to clean energy in rural and low-income communities, and create experiences that cultivate the next generation of environmental stewards.


Responsibility: Cloudbyz generates positive impact in the community by mobilizing our employees to help solve social challenges around the world and create access to opportunity. Each year, Cloudbyz employees step up to help communities around the world through volunteering, donating to nonprofits, and responding to disasters through recovery and rebuilding efforts.


Giving: We encourage and facilitate these efforts by connecting our people with nonprofits and offering an employee matching gift program for donations to eligible nonprofits, schools and organizations. The Cloudbyz Matching Gift Program, matches financial donations and volunteer time to eligible charities around the world.


Leading: Our global impact is a result of employees stepping up to lead corporate initiatives and/or develop locally focused activities and engagement opportunities. Offices form Social Impact Teams and lead these projects that engage employees and respond to local needs.


Innovation: During the pandemic, we transformed our volunteer program to a virtual model to keep employees engaged in new volunteer-from-anywhere projects and help them stay connected to the community.

Workplace Environment

There are a variety of regulatory mandates that enforce workplace health, safety, and security practices across any business. These inform our initiatives here at Cloudbyz by establishing a minimum standard for expected performance across our global organization. But we aspire to be world-class in every part of our business, especially when it comes to the safety and security of our employees and operations.

As such, we strive to produce a work environment for our people around the globe that is free of accidents, illness, and violence. We work to achieve this goal by engaging with our people through ongoing vigilance, prevention, and awareness.

As our business grows and evolves, we will continue to ensure workplace health, safety, and security while meeting our goals for operational productivity, efficiency, and customer service. CLoudbyz drives these efforts through communication and education around issues and opportunities in four specific areas:

Workplace Health & Safety

We identify and manage hazards and prevent illness and injuries in the workplace by establishing proper safeguards and by keeping our employees informed

Through continuous and cooperative efforts, Cloudbyz creates and nurtures a positive safety and security culture across the company.

Carbon Reduction Programs

Cloudbyz adopted various programs, policies and best practices to reduce our carbon footprint and plan to net zero.